Before                                                                                                                           After


Friday afternoons usually see the hall host its community talks, tea and coffees for our parched members and the bus taking people home. However, on Friday 20th, there was much more noise than usual. After our members had left, staff members, Emelia, Vanessa and Clare, along with volunteer Joanie, removed every piece of furniture from the main hall. Whether it tables, chairs or bookcases, everything was temporarily rehoused for what we had instore. Upon arrival back to our wonderful workplace, the five staff members were blown away with the weekend’s makeover.


The patchy and worn red floors were no more. Underneath our feet lay a gleaming, mark-free, bluey-green floor that has transformed the ambience of our social club. Inspired by our new remodel, the staff decided to rejuvenate the hall with a structural change. By elongating some tables and rotating others, our hall is now a perfect home for members to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

We hope you all love the new hall as much as we do!