Our objective

Elleray Hall is a social centre based in the heart of Teddington. With the main objective of alleviating loneliness in our local community, Elleray Hall is home to the building of new friendships and the maintaining of old ones.

Built in 1911, Elleray Hall’s initial purpose was to act as a parish hall. It wasn’t until 1950’s Teddington’s Old Peoples’ Welfare Committee (T.O.P.W.C.) began utilising the hall for distributing off-ration sweets to its local elderly community. T.O.P.W.C. had been formed in 1946 with the aim of aiding the elderly with fuel and food. Seventy-two years on, T.O.P.W.C. has become Teddington Old Peoples’ Welfare Association (T.O.P.W.A.) but its objective of combating isolation in our neighbourhood continues.


Our services

Every weekday Elleray Hall’s doors are open. Each day at Elleray offers a coffee bar, a two-course meal and a fantastic range of activities. Moreover, there are discounted hairdresser services, a weekly bargain shop, and even a chiropodist on a monthly basis. In addition to regular amenities, bi-monthly outings are a cherished feature for the members. Recent trips have included Littlehampton, Pembroke Lodge and Bocketts Farm. Of course, we can’t talk about Elleray Hall without noting the parties. The Elleray Hall parties are always a sell-out. With sumptuous three-course meals and dazzling entertainment, it’s not hard to understand why the events are popular.    


Our activities

The newly rejuvenated Programme of Activities offers an exercise class every day, whether it’s Zumba Gold for the more mobile or Gentle Exercise for those preferring chair-based stretches. Other exercise classes consist of chair-based Yoga, Tai Chi, Music & Movement and Line Dancing.

For those seeking a less sporty way of spending their time at Elleray, there’s a vast array of social groups. Monday’s afternoon bingo is an Elleray staple; members can take home up to twenty-five pounds in winnings. For those less inclined with numbers roulette, there is a read-a-long book club. The quiz on Tuesdays is keenly attended by those seeking to test their knowledge; two rounds of twenty-five questions each leave the members departing with widened minds and pride in their memory’s capability.

Wednesday is games day! Whether it Cards & Games Corner or Indoor Bowls, laughter is continually echoed throughout the hall. The most popular day, Thursday, starts out with a more light-hearted style of bingo and finishes up with the Elleray favourite of singing.

On Fridays things by no means slow down! The reminiscence group sees members discussing past and present news, sing-a-long to old favourites and answer questions on the morning’s topics. For Friday afternoons, each week brings a different community talk. Community talks are free and open to the public with recent topics being dementia, scams and homelessness amongst others. For anyone looking for a more health-specific social group, the Dementia group meets on Wednesdays and those with COPD can catch up with one another on Fridays.

As an integral part of Teddington’s past, Elleray Hall’s new programme of activities means it is now firmly set to be an equally integral part of Teddington’s future.


Our opening times

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.30 am - 4.00 pm and closed only on Bank Holidays.