Elleray Community Association manages Elleray Hall Social Centre.

The Social Centre

Elleray Hall is a daytime social centre where people living in and around Teddington can come to meet old friends and make new ones in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment. While they are here, they can take part in a range of activities, chat over tea and coffee and enjoy a good home cooked lunch.

The Social Centre is open Monday-Friday 9.30 am - 3.30 pm.

Elleray Hall is managed by a board of volunteer trustees and is a registered charity(No 1150261). The service is run by a staff team and a great group of volunteers!

Elleray Hall's Mission is:
To relieve isolation and loneliness among those living in the community.

Community use

Outside the hours of The Social Centre our community continues to use our Centre for local charities, Dance Schools, tutoring sessions, childrens parties and much more!

Together we are Elleray Community!