What’s for lunch?

Every day, our chef Majoly prepares a heartily delicious home cooked two course lunch – nice if you don’t fancy cooking one yourself!  Among the favourites are traditional roasts, fish and chips and shepherd’s pie along with casseroles, stews and pasta dishes.  A vegetarian option is always available on pre-order. Our main meal currently costs £5.00 and pudding is only £1.00, so for only £6.00 you can get a two-course meal!  Please do consult us about any special dietary requirements.

This week's menu is below: 




Monday 21st March

Chicken Casserole served with carrots

Apple Strudel & Custard


Tuesday 22nd March

Minced Beef & Dumplings served with 

chips & mixed vegetables

Coconut Sponge & Custard


Wednesday 23rd March

Fish & Chips with Peas

Gateaux & Cream


Thursday 24th March

Sausage & Mash served with Onion Gravy & Peas

Mixed Fruit Pie & Custard


Friday 25th March

Ham omlette served with chips & beans

Fruit Meringue